Welcome to the Sourcesense OpenSource sandbox

This page gives you a summary of our Open Source projects kindly hosted by gitHub; we're striving to centralize all our Open Assets into this repository, so expect to find more soon.

Sourcesense is a European Open Source systems integrator providing consultancy, support and services around key Open Source technologies.

Built around a number of well-established European players in Open Source, with a strong background in providing enterprise-class solutions based on Open Source components and a proven track record of participation in the most prominent and effective Open Source communities, Sourcesense helps customers leverage the advantages of Open Source.

The Sourcesense team is value-led. We have a strong group with hundreds of combined years of experience in Open Source technologies, and we add that value as an immediate, measurable advantage to our clients.

Sourcesense provides full coverage of Open Source needs for enterprise-class customers: we help corporations understand and adopt Open Source using a comprehensive strategic consultancy approach, and we are continuously selecting proven Open Source technologies that we directly support and integrate.

Sourcesense is the only European company with the knowledge and experience to offer a real balance between the Open Source and traditional, proprietary solutions, taking the concept of Open Source to a new level of pragmatic and quantifiable advantages for the enterprise.